Stars Set Fire to my Eyes

Recently in school, we’ve been doing a cross-grade book club, where the Seventh and Eighth grades get together in groups for a bit of class and discuss a holocaust book we’ve been reading. As well, in the Eighth grade we’ve been doing lots of just normal class stuff that relates to the book club. We wrote about the characters and are using them for other works of writing. Recently, we’ve been doing a poem form to relate to the characters and gain a better understanding of their actions and motives. This poem form is called a Villanelle, and it’s a tricky type of poetry. It features two main lines that repeat through the whole six stanzas of the poem, as well as letting you have only two rhyming sets. The book my group is reading is The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak, and it has a line in it which I fell in love with since the moment my eyes ran over it. I think a shiver passed through me when I saw it. The line was pretty simple at first, and I doubt Markus Zuzak spent years thinking of that line. And considering that it was only ever used in one place, I also doubt that he really loved that line as much as I did. Although, it was the end of the chapter.

But even though the author didn’t seem to have an obsession over one line, I couldn’t help borrowing that line when I wrote my Villanelle, which was based on a specific character in the book called Max Vandenburg. Max Vandenburg is a jew who is hidden by the main characters in their basement, and one night when all the people in town go to bomb shelters, Max sneaks up from the basement and looks out the window on Himmel Street. Himmel means heaven in german as well, to add another layer onto the scene. When the main characters return home, he exclaims, “The stars, they set fire to my eyes.” And at the end of the chapter, he is writing into his notebook, “From a Himmel Street window, the stars set fire to my eyes.” As well, Max imagines endless boxing matches between him and Hitler, where he always gets back up. Using these actions of the Max, I created Villanelle lines for my villanelle for him.


From a window, stars set fire to my eyes

I wrote, under the dark and under the stairs

as I boxed with Hitler, refused to die


Through the dark, I looked at the skies

and wished I could be free, up in the air

with the stars, who put flames in my eyes


In the camp, I heard all the desperate cries

and wondered what it was like, with Liesel, back there

as I boxed with Hitler, refused to die


Down in the dark, I want to be able to rise

up to the light, where I could dare to dare

to look at the stars, so they could burn my eyes


Up in the air, I still fight all of his lies

and think of Liesel’s words about my bird hair

as I box with Hitler, refuse to die


 Back in Molching, I won a glimpse of my prize

and hid and wrote about it, down in my lair.

From a window, stars set fire to my eyes

as I boxed with Hitler, refused to die

New Body, New Place, Same Mind, Same Thing On It

Every day I wake up, and I think of my friend A. I can’t think of A as a him, because today maybe A isn’t a him. Maybe A is a bee. I doubt he’d laugh at that one. One of my favorite songs is this one by Gavin DeGraw, and it really describes exactly my relationship with A. Wow, that sentence sentence sounds unfinished without context. Actually, everything to do with A sounds unfinished without context. Really, A’s impossible. But anyway, this song by Gavin Degraw is called “Not Over You”, and in the lyrics it goes, “If you ask me how I’m doing I would say I”m doing just fine. I would lie and say that you’re not on my mind. But I go out, and I sit down at a table set for two and finally I’m forced to face the truth. No matter what they say, I’m not over you.” Except in my case I don’t go out, but if A asks me how I’m doing I would say I’m doing just fine. But really, I’m starting to lose faith. How can you keep faith in a thing which is being accused of being the devil anyway?

I’m caught. Caught up in a game with no end, no way out. Let me tell you a little about A, and try to find an answer to my problem. Because I’m drawing multiple blanks. A doesn’t have a body first of all, not a defined one at least. He’s not a ghost, not to my knowledge. Every day he wakes up in a new body, he only gets a single day with each body. Once he’s borrowed a person’s life once, he’ll never borrow it again. The way he puts it, “He won’t ride that life ever again.” A’s like a rider with a horse that keeps dying, but he keeps getting a new one. As well, A only goes into bodies of his “Age”, which he assumes is 16. Like me. And also, he only travels through the Ether a couple hours worth of car driving each night. He doesn’t go to bed in New York only to wake up in Australia.

Now before one thing, he used to forget about his borrowed bodies lives and just keep on living his own wacky one. Forgets about the people of his past, and forgets about those bodies themselves. He remembers memories of his own life though, carries them with him.  Like in an etherial pouch of memories and moments. He can also access his bodies memories, but he doesn’t like to interfere with the lives of the bodies he’s in. Although that’s my problem now. A is interfering with too many bodies he’s travelling through, and one he hasn’t. A has fallen in love. Fallen in love with a very particular person, one who you have just read all about their messed up love life. Me. Rhiannon. A has broken one of his many self set rules and fallen in love with someone. A won’t move past me, won’t keep going past the life of my boyfriend, real one, Justin. A was in him, met me, and is stuck. Every day he gets a new body, every day he gets a new place to be, every day he keeps his mind, and now every day there’s the same thing on it. Me. Rhiannon.

And I don’t know who to blame in this situation. A is hurting all these people, and should I blame him for doing it against his code? Or am I at fault for being so stunningly and irresistibly attracting? I also doubt he would find that one funny. But should I blame myself for encouraging him on this? Am I at fault for letting him? Should I tell him that he has to leave me alone, leave me alone for the better of these people? I don’t know what to do!

If I have to say one thing that I’ve at least learned from this whole experience, and I should at least carry something away from this, is that sometimes you have to let go. Or maybe I learned that from Frozen, although I think I saw that after A came along. No matter how much you keep finding yourself walking towards someone or something, you have to let go what you can’t keep. My life is in turmoil right now, my reputation ruined and my heart so confused. Do I wish A had left me alone? Well, if he had I would never have known that I’m a great person. I would never have known that my boyfriend Justin doesn’t love me. But I also wouldn’t be in a Catch-22 right now. So it’s a tie there.

Sometimes I feel like there is this giant hand that is always making me make these choices, forcing me to lead myself down this path of self-destruction. I can never be able to have A for a night, let alone a life. I’ll never know what he looks like when I wake up. I’ll never be able to live a life with him. My options are so limited right now, it’s not even funny. The stress is killing me. A knows that I’m going through a lot, but he keeps coming to see me with this new body and this new look. How do I love someone like that? How do I love a ghost? How do I love the devil? Without finding a Satanist to guide me in my perils.

I’ve learned another thing that is pretty important, long distance relationships never work out. Because really, that’s what our relationship is. Conside this, I never really meet with A in person, just A in a person. I never see his face, just a face. I think if I had to choose a lesson to take from this, it would be that you can’t judge someone without walking a day in their shoes. A knows what this is like, quite literally. I’ve also learned that love comes from places you weren’t expecting it to. You wake up thinking it’s just another day but then there you go. This mystical, body travelling being appears and falls totally in love with you and you maybe fall a little bit back. But really, I’ve also learned one more thing. Letting go of someone is showing them you really love them. If you really love something and you let it go, it comes back. So until A can let go, I’m not certain he really loves me. But do I want A to let go? Because unlike most times, I can’t find him again. If A goes, I can’t come back. Only he can. My life is a total mess, but until I solve my problems, Rhiannon signing off!

Oh, and if any of you guys think of any solutions  to this problem feel free to post them!


(Disclaimer! This is not a real blog post by Rhiannon, this is simply the view of Rhiannon from the novel Every Day, by David Levithan. Every thought by the character are interpretations of her by the writer-once-reader. It is not her real thoughts, maybe.)

All Your Blood Are Belong To Us

It ends, beautifully, amazingly, and happily. The now Eleven long book series has been finished, cultimating in a dramatic ending to end all endings. As the title of it suggests, everything comes down to the Blood Of Olympus.

What the actual blood of Olympus isn’t really much of a spoiler point, considering the fact that to wake the Earth itself, Gaia, you need the blood of two demigods, preferably a male and a female. So…really it isn’t much of a stretch to assume that the blood of Olympus is the blood of demigods, it really wasn’t much of a secret. It also really wasn’t much of a secret that the companions are traveling through ancient Greece while being hounded by demons of all sort and that if captured they will be promptly carried to an ancient temple and then murdered for their blood. Which will then promptly awake the beast of the east, and west, and south, and north. Who will then proceed to destroy the world in a fiery purge! So the stakes are high, but they could be higher, maybe.

So of course, there’s a lot of thought in high pressure situations, most of the time. And a lot of things happen to people in situations like these. There a lot of realizations about life and the purpose of humanity. And in these realizations a lot of characters have to deal with these challenging questions which seem to have no real answer, questions that are so tough that really they are meant to be questions forever thought about, questions that seem to have no answer. And there a couple of questions posed during the book that happen to be those questions.

A really interesting and potent question that our heroes are posed with is their purpose for their quest and their lives. All of our heroes answer this question in their own personal way. Percy Jackson, as has been implied in previous books, has his greatest fault as also his greatest weakness. His inability to let his friends fight their own battles, Percy also answers the question in this manner. The rest all look for their future if they win this battle, all try to find their own war to answer this question. Percy is sure of his purpose, and that is why I believe that not a single chapter was seen through his eyes. Because he had already found his purpose, when the others were still searching. So, to end off, when you read the book, can you find the purpose for the rest? And after finding others, maybe you should begin searching for your own.

Who Doesn’t Like Being Apart of Something?

A recluse probably. But even a recluse is a part of life, the community of life.

Everyone is part of something, whether that thing is a community or not is the question. To be, or not to be a part of a community, that is the question. However, even something who is shy and can’t stand being around others is a part of at least one community. The community of life. With the power of the internet the world became connected as one. The internet was invented in the year of 1969, but the connecting of the world had began 24 years on October 24th. This date, October 24th 1945, was the founding of the United Nations. For decades mankind has been searching for ways to turn the world into one community, a massive hub of knowledge and ideas. And no experiment has seen more success than the Internet.

At first, you may think that the internet isn’t really a community. It doesn’t really connect people, and it probably doesn’t immediately feel like a community. Most of the time, it is just a thing which you use to find things. Learn about stuff, and quickly know about a subject. But really, there is much more. The Internet has come a long way since it was founded. It’s developed it’s own language, its own culture, and sort of it’s own religion. The religion doesn’t have a definite name, although for my purposes I will refer to it as “Caticism”-The worship of cute cats, and all things related to cats.

It’s language is also certainly unique, based not on Latin or another language. It appears to an outsider to be a mess of letters and spelling errors, but truly to the insiders of the community it is something vastly attributed to as a manifesting of the English language in a more simplified manner and used for convenient instant messaging, or IM’ing as the Internet has termed it. Following is a typical conversation on the internet between two boys,

“wat up dud”

“not much u?”

“same hows life”

“life good u”

“life k”

“dud im fine”

“k bye”


As you can see, a mess of letters and a complete shortening of every word in the english language. The language could certainly use some work, although the Internet does posess a fascination religion. It is truly the only place where this phenomenon is seen. The near worship of cats, specifically ones that have rainbows and are cute and ask for “Chezburgers”, or cheeseburgers for the more sophisticated folk out there. There is no lack of documentation of this worship, any were you look on the internet you will find cats. Whether they be in pictures, videos, or words.

The Internet also has another finer aspect to their religion, one which overlaps as being a part of their culture. This second phenomenon a specimen which are referred to as “Memes” Memes are defined as, “An idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.”And there is no culture where memes are more prevalent than the internet culture. Hundreds of new memes are being born constantly in the internet culture, because it’s population is so massive. Memes could be considered another form of worship on the internet, with cats often taking top place in memes. However because the definition of meme has them placed in culture, it is only logical that memes be considered part of the internet culture. Speaking of which…

Check out this links for examples of Caticism, Internet Language, and Memes:


Internet Language: url  This website will also teach you all you need to know about the Internet, and it’s language.

Memetic Memes: WARNING! Do not move off this page and explore other memes, they are often dangerous and replicate very fast. If contaminated with a meme, please seek a physchtrist.

Lions of Equality, Ripping it Apart

Hello World, my name is Aidan of the Lions. I am going to blog stuff, that you may or may not want to read. I don’t really care if you actually read this, I don’t care if you actually agree with what I write, and I don’t care if you decide that you want to comment on this. All I really care about, is that what I have to say is heard and that it is made clear that all I want is to touch the world.

So what do I have to say? Well, a lot. What do I have to say that is important? Well, probably not much. But then again, how many people always have something important to say? Sometimes you just have to talk about noodles and the last movie you saw. Some people may never see that movie however, and some may have already seen it. These differences between people, something as simple as the last movie you saw, is what always drives humanity apart.

Inequality. I recently finished the book To Kill a Mockingbird, which I believe had the main theme of inequality. The story of To Kill A Mockingbird was written by Harper Lee, and it tells the tale of a young girl whose Father defends a black man accused of the rape of a white girl. Throughout the novel, the little girl called scout is introduced to a lot of ideas and opinions. They all live in the deep south of Alabama at a time when segregation was still very serious. Harper puts forth a lot of ideas. There is one scene at the end when this line is thrown out, “A lot of people are Scout, when you finally meet them.” The line before talked about how this man that they just met was really nice. A lot of people are nice, when you actually take the time to walk a couple miles in their shoes, see life through their eyes, and look at them in a way which lets you understand who they are.
If you want to get a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, go to this link:

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